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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Easter Sunday falls on April 4th

Hippity-Hop into reading something this weekend and prepare yourself for Easter Sunday! Of course, you could grab your favorite version of the bible and read some scripture if you're into that. In fact, we have bibles right here at the library if you're missing your copy. We also have various books on Christian religion and faith, so if you're looking for something to compliment your religious practices you should come and check out our selection. You will find most of these books in the 200's if you are interested.

But, don't forget the Easter Bunny either! We have books related to the Easter Bunny too, many of which are for your little ones. Come in and ask a library clerk where you might find one of these before this weekend and festivities end. And, just for fun, here are some Easter Bunny fun facts: 
  1. Did you know that the Easter Bunny's holiday takes in approximately $18 billion annually? He (or she, as there is some debate about this) is one expensive bunny!  (Alderton).
  2. In some countries, the Easter Bunny takes on a different form, such as a church bell or a bilby, which is an Australian-native marsupial endangered by the invasive rabbit species (Alderton).
  3. The Easter Bunny does indeed lay eggs, but the reason behind this remains with the fact that it stems from a story about a goddess of springtime turning her own pet bird into a rabbit (Alderton).
For more fun facts and interesting things related to Easter Sunday, visit the library and see what you can find among our stacks. Happy Easter!

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