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Friday, November 4, 2016

Gilmore Girl's is back!

Gilmore Girls is back!
I can remember when I first watched Gilmore Girls, my husband wanted to watch wrestling and I was just looking for something to do, who would have thought it would have started a life long love affair!  My mother and I watched that first episode and we were hooked for life.  It wasn't long till we had a Tuesday night routine, grab a cup of hot chocolate (little late for coffee) and curl up on the couch and let the fun begin!  We laughed, we cried and we spent seven years with the Gilmore's.  It was a sad day when the show went off the air.  My mother and I gathered as many Gilmore snacks as we could and watched that last episode with tears flowing down our faces.  It's amazing how attached you can get to fictional characters, they become people you care about, people whom you love.  When Rory turned Logan's proposal down I was crushed, when Rory and Dean broke up, I'm the one who needed the tub of ice cream and to wallow, and when Rory and Lorelei didn't spend Rory's 21st together it was me who needed a drink,, perhaps one that was like drinking a My Little Pony. ;)  My mother and I watched every episode and bought every season when released on DVD, watching every episode over and over, my kids would even walk around the house singing the theme song.  When my mom passed away she left me her Gilmore Girl collection and her set of Harry Potter books her most prized possessions. For me November 25th will be full of joy and sorrow, as I'm eating my Luke's cheeseburger my heart will be breaking, for my mom for whom "never gave me any idea that I couldn't do whatever I wanted to do or be whomever I wanted to be.  She filled our house with love and fun and books and music...
I don't know if she ever realized the person I most wanted to be, was her.  Thank you mom, you are my guidepost for everything."