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Friday, June 5, 2020


I hope that everyone is staying safe and sane during this history making time of Covid-19. I am sure that most of you have already been taking advantage of the library's eResources during this time. However, I want to say a bit about a resource that you may not be as familiar with. That being our free movie streaming resource, Kanopy.

I am a BIG fan of old movies. If it's black and white, I'm there. While Kanopy has a lot of newer movies, it also has plenty of old goodies. Let me share a few that perhaps you have overlooked. All with stars you should know, and, if not, it's definitely time you met them.

Meet John Doe starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck

Penny Serenade
Keep a box of tissues handy for this tearjerker starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne.

Dial M for Murder A classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller starring Ray Milland and Grace Kelly.

His Girl Friday A classic Cary Grant comedy with a strong female lead in Rosalind Russell.

The Stranger This thriller stars and is directed by Orson Welles and co-stars Loretta Young and Edward G. Robinson.

Neighbors This hilarious silent film stars Buster Keaton, who does all of his own stunts. I had my kids watch this with me and we all laughed and were amazed by Keaton's abilities.

Some more recent films that I also enjoyed:

Dead Man Walking starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn
This may not be a lighthearted movie, but it is an amazing story.

The Man Who Invented Christmas starring Dan Steven of Downton Abbey Fame.
If you like Charles Dickens, you will enjoy this fictionalized biopic of his inspiration for A Christmas Carol.

I hope you give these movies and Kanopy a try. I love to look at the clothes, furnishings, cars, and basically everything in these movies from a time gone by.